Tyler Junker

Sales Representative – SW Territory

BIO - Tyler Junker

Meet Tyler Junker, the outdoor enthusiast who found his way to Caraway & Co and has embraced a fulfilling journey within the company. Originally from Central Ohio, Tyler’s passion for adventure led him to the breathtaking landscapes of the Greater Lake Tahoe area after completing his undergraduate degree. Drawn by the allure of climbing, skiing, and mountain sports, he made the Eastern Sierra his new home.

Tyler’s love for the region deepened with each passing day, and he decided to stay and immerse himself in the endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Amongst cliffs and boulders, he found his calling, and the mountains became his playground.

When Caraway & Co opened its doors, Tyler joined the team as a tech rep, bringing his expertise and passion for outdoor gear to the forefront. His dedication and hard work were soon recognized, and he successfully transitioned into the role of a sales representative. As a rep for Caraway & Co, Tyler skillfully bridges his love for outdoor pursuits with his commitment to fostering strong relationships with clients and brands.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tyler continues to embrace the Eastern Sierra lifestyle. Whether it’s seeking untouched powder on skis, scaling cliffs with grace, or finding serenity in the cool waters of the lake, he embodies the spirit of adventure that drew him to this breathtaking landscape.

Tyler Junker epitomizes the essence of a true mountain lover, a testament to the rewarding journey that can unfold when one follows their passion. With a career that seamlessly blends his love for the outdoors with his role at Caraway & Co, Tyler continues to inspire others to connect with nature and savor every moment of their adventure-filled lives.