Sales Representative NW Territory


Meet Tia King, a dynamic individual with a deep-rooted love for the outdoors and a flourishing career in the action sports industry. Raised in the scenic landscapes of Southern California, Tia’s childhood was marked by countless adventures and a genuine appreciation for nature’s wonders.

Her passion for the outdoors naturally led her to pursue a career in the action sports industry. Tia began her journey as in-house sales support, where she quickly demonstrated her talent and dedication to the field. Over the years, she honed her skills and rose through the ranks, ultimately assuming the role of Customer Service and Sales Support Manager at Spy Optic. With her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence, Tia contributed significantly to the company’s success during her remarkable 13-year tenure.

Feeling the call of wanderlust and a thirst for exploring new horizons, Tia made a bold decision to embark on a new chapter in her life. She decided to follow her heart’s desire for traveling and fully immersing herself in the beauty of the outdoors. This led her to the enchanting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where she now resides in the vibrant city of Seattle.

In her newfound home, Tia has embraced the outdoor wonders of the Pacific Northwest with open arms. Biking through scenic trails, hiking amidst majestic mountains, and camping under the starry night sky have become an integral part of her life. As a true believer in the power of laughter and genuine connections, Tia cherishes spending time with friends and family, creating cherished memories filled with laughter and joy.

Tia King is a testament to the idea that one can combine their passion for the outdoors with a thriving career. Her journey from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest reflects her adventurous spirit and unwavering dedication to the things that truly matter. With her vibrant energy and a love for exploration, Tia continues to inspire those around her to embrace the beauty of nature and find joy in every moment of life’s journey.