Terry Imus


BIO - Terry Imus

Meet Terry Imus, a passionate adventurer and seasoned professional in the retail and sales industry. Born and raised in the coastal paradise of Laguna Hills, California, Terry developed a love for the beach and sand from an early age. Fascinated by history and seeking new experiences, he made the decision to pursue higher education at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

After earning his degree in history, Terry embarked on a journey to San Francisco, where he delved into the world of e-commerce by joining a startup outdoor retailer. Here, he honed his skills and knowledge, gaining invaluable experience in the fast-paced and dynamic industry.

Terry’s career took a significant turn when he was offered an opportunity at Zappos.com, one of the leading online retailers in the world. As the first clothing buyer at Zappos.com, he played a pivotal role in shaping and managing apparel categories such as Outdoor, Action Sports, Golf, Western, and Street. Over a span of eight successful years, Terry contributed to the company’s growth and solidified his reputation as a trusted and innovative professional.

Driven by a desire to explore new avenues, Terry decided to embark on another adventure and transitioned into the sales industry with Caraway & Co. Drawing from his rich retail background and keen understanding of customer preferences, he quickly made a positive impact, elevating the company’s sales and forging strong relationships with clients.

Today, Terry is the Principal at Caraway & Co., where he continues to thrive as a leader and a driving force behind the company’s success. His wealth of experience and strategic vision have been instrumental in shaping the company’s direction and growth.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Terry finds immense joy in spending quality time with his loving wife and daughters. Their shared passion for the outdoors brings them together for hiking and camping excursions, creating cherished memories and deepening their bonds. But the thrill doesn’t stop there; Terry is also an avid go-kart racer, hitting the tracks on weekends for some high-octane fun. Additionally, he keeps an active lifestyle by engaging in running and hiking, enjoying the beauty of nature and the physical challenge it brings.

When it comes to sports, Terry’s heart belongs to the Denver Broncos, and he is always eager to catch their games and cheer for his favorite team. With an adventurous spirit, a strong work ethic, and a love for his family and hobbies, Terry Imus embodies a life well-lived, constantly seeking new horizons and making the most of every moment.