Meet Stephanie Simms, a resilient professional from a small town in central Utah. After moving to Las Vegas right out of high school, she dived into entrepreneurship by running her own in-home daycare for three years.

Later, Stephanie joined a courier company as a dispatcher, honing her organizational skills for four years. But her life took a thrilling turn when she landed a job at Starting as a customer service representative, she quickly built strong bonds with customers. Her exceptional skills led to becoming the first office assistant for the Kids Merchandising Team.

Over nine years, Stephanie supported various departments, from outdoor to electronic, becoming a Merchandise Planner and inventory specialist. Meanwhile, she gracefully balanced being a single mom, raising two boys.

Her leadership shone as she managed inventory flow between Zappos and Amazon. Eventually, she returned to her Utah hometown, where she independently built a tiny house, showcasing her determination.

Stephanie’s problem-solving talent blossomed with “Simms VA Solutions,” her venture that offered website building, system fixing, and virtual assistance.

Discovering Caraway & Co., an outdoor retail agency, she worked as a Virtual Assistant for four years, excelling in system management and project oversight. Recognizing her potential, Caraway & Co. offered her full-time roles as operations supervisor, HR specialist, and project manager.

Beyond work, Stephanie relished time with her sons, guiding them to embrace the outdoors. Camping, hiking, and swimming brought them closer as a family.

In summary, Stephanie Simms embodies adaptability, care, and determination, making her a true asset to any team. With a unique journey and diverse skill set, she thrives in both personal and professional growth. Her character and experiences enrich the lives she touches.