Meet Socorro Renehan, a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey in the Outdoor Industry spanning over two decades. Although the call of the outdoors occasionally beckons her, Socorro’s true passion lies in supporting others, working diligently behind the scenes, just as she likes it. With a deep love for assisting people, she thrives behind her computer, where she can efficiently facilitate, solve problems, and get things done with her exceptional ops skills.

Her name, Socorro, is a Spanish word that literally translates to “I HELP,” a fitting description for her natural inclination to lend a helping hand. While she initially aspired to become a doctor, life took her on a different path, leading her to discover her true calling in supporting the Outdoor Industry.

Socorro’s journey in the outdoor world began with White Sierra, an Outerwear Company based in Santa Clara, CA. Starting as a Customer Service Rep, she gradually climbed the ladder to become the Sales Ops Manager, showcasing her dedication and commitment to her craft over 19 fruitful years. Despite unforeseen changes when White Sierra closed its doors in 2019, Socorro continued her professional endeavors in the Silicon Valley, securing an ops position at a semi-conductor company. However, her heart remained with the outdoor industry, and when the opportunity arose, she eagerly returned to her true passion, joining Caraway&Co in 2021, where she has been an integral part of the team ever since.

Outside of work, Socorro’s life revolves around her loving family. She cherishes moments with her husband Mike, her children Kylah and Lukas, and their beloved Pomeranian dog, Taeto. Together, they enjoy amusement parks, with Socorro sitting back and watching as the kids ride roller coasters. They also relish time spent cooking and hanging out with their amazing friends and family. Socorro and her loved ones also appreciate the beach and camping, where they find joy in the simple pleasures of outdoor nature fun.

Socorro Renehan’s journey is a testament to finding fulfillment in supporting others and following one’s true passion. With her exceptional ops skills and unwavering dedication, she continues to play a crucial role in the Outdoor Industry, making a positive impact and fostering meaningful connections within the Caraway&Co community.