Ryan O'Connell

Sales Representative – PNW Territory

BIO - Ryan O'Connell

Introducing Ryan O’Connell, a true outdoor enthusiast whose passion for adventure was ignited during his formative years in Minnesota. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature, Ryan’s ambition to climb and ski led him to seek new heights beyond the hills of the Midwest. In 2001, he made the bold move to Seattle, drawn by the allure of the Cascade Range and the endless possibilities it offered.

Ryan’s journey in the outdoor industry began in 1997 when he started as a sales associate at Active Endeavors, with locations in Iowa City, IA, and Madison, WI. This early exposure to outdoor retail kindled a flame that would shape his career for years to come. Over time, his dedication and expertise led him to secure his first Sales Rep position in 2008, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Throughout his career, Ryan has passionately represented more than 30 outdoor lifestyle, footwear, ski, and accessory lines in the Pacific Northwest. His deep knowledge of the industry and strong relationships with brands and retailers have made him a trusted and influential figure in the outdoor community.

Presently, Ryan resides in the picturesque neighborhood of West Seattle, sharing his life with his lovely wife and adventure buddy, Lilly. When he’s not conquering mountains and exploring nature’s wonders, Ryan retreats to another one of his happy places—the kitchen. Here, he finds joy in preparing delicious meals while savoring the company of a refreshing IPA nearby.

Ryan O’Connell embodies the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and a genuine love for the outdoors. His journey from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest has been marked by a relentless pursuit of exploration, and his contributions to the outdoor industry have made a lasting impact. With his warm and approachable nature, Ryan connects effortlessly with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, bringing people together through a shared passion for nature’s wonders and the joy of adventure.