Grae Halsne

Sales Representative

BIO - Grae Halsne

Introducing Grae, a California native with a lifelong passion for outdoor adventures and a diverse career spanning retail, distribution, and specialty sales. Grae’s journey has been shaped by the breathtaking landscapes of Southern California, the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the vibrant energy of Los Angeles and North San Diego County.

Born and raised in Southern California, Grae’s love for the outdoors took root in the sun-soaked landscapes of SoCal. The allure of climbing, surfing, and cycling in this region became an enduring and never-ending obsession. Grae’s adventures here forged a deep connection with the natural world.

A pivotal chapter unfolded when Grae spent a decade in the Pacific Northwest, near Tacoma, Washington. Here, amidst the majestic wilderness, new passions were discovered. Ski touring, cold water surfing, and the art of climbing wet rocks became part of the repertoire. The lush, green landscapes of the PNW left an indelible mark on Grae’s outdoor pursuits.

In 2012, Grae joyfully returned to the warmth of California, settling in Los Angeles, and later embarking on a new life in North San Diego County. This homecoming brought with it a wealth of opportunities to explore and engage with the diverse landscapes of the Golden State.

Grae’s professional journey has been as dynamic as the outdoor pursuits. With an impressive career spanning various facets of retail, distribution, and specialty selling, Grae has honed a deep understanding of these industries. Five fulfilling years with Arcter’yx and two years in the bicycle parts distribution world provided invaluable experiences. Prior to that, Grae invested 15 years in specialty retail, excelling in sales, training, and operations. These roles laid the foundation for a career built on expertise and passion.

Today, Grae is excited to partner with outdoor shops, collaborating to create exceptional customer experiences. Grae’s goal is to provide the perfect assortment of products, support robust sell-through strategies, and ensure each season concludes on a high note. This dedication to excellence is underpinned by a genuine desire to help businesses thrive and forge lasting customer relationships.

In Grae, you’ll find a blend of outdoor enthusiast and seasoned industry professional, uniquely positioned to drive success and growth in the world of outdoor retail. Welcome to the adventure!