Meet Cindy Reaves, a spirited individual whose life has been filled with adventure and cherished moments. Cindy’s journey began in the picturesque city of Denver, Colorado, where she was raised and spent her early years. However, her thirst for exploration and new experiences led her to live in various places, including Wyoming, Illinois, and Washington, D.C.

In 2016, after a successful and fulfilling career, Cindy and her husband Dod decided it was time to retire and savor the joys of life with their beloved granddaughters. They made the heartwarming decision to move closer to their family, ensuring that they could create lasting memories and be an integral part of their granddaughters’ lives.

Cindy’s professional career was marked by 11 productive years as an executive administrative assistant and event planner for a Fortune 500 company in Denver. Her organizational skills, attention to detail, and passion for creating memorable events contributed to the company’s success.

Away from work, Cindy’s adventurous spirit has taken her on exciting travels to various corners of the world. She has explored the enchanting landscapes of Italy, England, France, and the captivating beauty of the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii, as well as other tropical destinations. Cruising has become one of her favorite ways to experience the world, and she delights in the luxury of discovering new places by sea.

While Cindy enjoys her globetrotting adventures, she remains a dedicated sports fanatic. As a true Denver native, she fervently supports her beloved football team, the Denver Broncos, cheering them on during their games. Additionally, she finds joy in following the LV Knights, immersing herself in the world of hockey.

Family is at the heart of Cindy’s life, and she proudly speaks of her son, daughter, and the “world’s best son-in-law.” Their love and support have enriched her life in countless ways, making every moment meaningful and cherished.

In December of 2018, Cindy embarked on a new chapter, joining Caraway & Co. Her passion for teamwork and her eagerness to stay engaged with her professional pursuits made it an easy decision to continue contributing her skills and expertise within the company. Retirement has taken on a whole new meaning for Cindy as she embraces her role with Caraway & Co, finding fulfillment in her work alongside a dedicated and supportive team.

Cindy Reaves is an embodiment of a life well-lived, where family, adventure, and a love for sports have come together to create a vibrant and fulfilling journey. Her positive energy and enthusiasm inspire those around her, making her an invaluable member of both her family and the Caraway & Co team.