On the Road with Lacey Jones

What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?
Where is the nearest Dutch Brothers coffee kiosk?

What town are you in?

Best place to set up the mobile office?
I like Parks, Cactus Park was nice this week. I park in a shady spot, roll the windows down and turn on the wifi. Makes me feel ‘outside’ even if I’m working. This is the latest in the year it really works in Scottsdale though. Soon I’ll be lurching into coffee houses and libraries for their A/C.

What was the last OR/PrAna/Evolv style you wore?
OR Zendo Pants, Prana Piper Top, Evolv Cruzers.

What did you do in it?
Went for a little hike.

What were you listening to when you drove into town?
An audiobook, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and read by Kevin Kenerly. So much better than the movie. Run out and read it or listen to it right now.

What is the funniest thing you saw/ experienced?
We ran a social media promotion at the Phoenix Rock Gym to promote the new Evolv Luchadors. Everyone got really into it and there were climbers wearing Luchador masks all over the gym. Epic.

Where did you get out to play?
Went for a hike at South Mountain Park in Phoenix. It’s one of the largest municiple parks in the world at 16,000 acres.

What store are you visiting today?
REI, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Alpine Boardsports, AZ Hiking Shack.

What event are you doing in town?
Evolv Shoe Demo at the Phoenix Rock Gym and some clinics.

Best place to grab a quick bite?
SeƱor Taco

What lodging, or camping options did you have last night?
The Fairmont Inn & Suites on North Scottsdale Rd. Super comfy pillows.

Best advice from the locals?
Wear sunscreen every day of the year, and plan your day to include a siesta in the early afternoon.

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