Madison Anders, Sales Coordinator – prAna

Madison Anders, Sales Coordinator – prAna

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

How much time do I have to snooze?  I am NOT a morning person, but I’m trying to get better. I have a personal goal to not sleep in past 8am on weekends.

What is the last thing you think of when you go to sleep?

My pet rats. I always check on them before bed!

Coffee, Tea, or energy drink?

I love all three, but would have to go with tea. Tea lattes from Coffee Bean will make anyone a tea lover!

Where is the best place in town to get your morning beverage?

Starbucks is the closest to my house, but Nekter Juice Bar has the best smoothies.

Place to have the best meal in your town?

Sunrise Café. It’s a tiny, family owned breakfast joint with amazing omelets. They always let me get a pancake instead of toast. Food is the way to my heart.

What is the best thing or experience being outdoors has given you?

Nature has taught me to not to focus on the little things. When I get outdoors, any worries just disappear and I appreciate the big picture.

When you enter a crowded room, a theme song begins to play: What Song?

Dierks Bentley Feel That Fire.  I love country music.

What is your favorite playtime activity? Where is your secret spot in your town, will you share with us?

I love hiking. Devil’s Punchbowl in Ramona is my favorite. It’s a downhill hike to a gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole. BUT then it’s a three mile hike up with pretty much no shade. It’s a little deceiving, but such a great workout.

What is the best experience working at PrAna has given you?

I have really developed a passion for quality. I never realized how much impact a t-shirt could have on the environment and I am proud to wear organic, fair trade certified clothing.

Last time your surprised yourself?

Going Rock Climbing last week. As a kid, I loved rock climbing, but was terrified of heights. When I got to the top last week, I wasn’t scared! It’s amazing how trust can help you conquer your fears. I have a new addiction.

Three websites you visit everyday?

Instagram, Amazon and my bank accounts.

What is your favorite PrAna product and why?

I LOVE my Brenna pants. I get so many compliments on them and they are so comfy.

If you did not work in the outdoor industry , where would you be?

I would be in the nutrition/supplement industry or maybe become a personal trainer. I am really interested in health and fitness.

What is your favorite event at your store/brand that gives back to your community? Tell us about it and why it’s special to you.

prAna has SEVA days, where we go out and do various activities that give back to the community. It can either be a beach cleanup, or taking local teens on a hike. I am looking forward to participating in the next event.

Where is your favorite place to take guests who are visiting from out of town?

I’m lucky that most of my family lives in San Diego, but whenever my brother comes home from Texas, going to a local brewery is a must. Ballast Point is next on our list.

What makes your prAna stand out from the crowd?

The people. Everyone who works at prAna has a passion for the company’s values and culture.

Why are you a good asset to your team?

I am really passionate about the product and what prAna stands for.

Is there a trip, or adventure that you have been planning, or dreaming to go on?

We are taking a family trip to Hawaii next summer. My husband’s parents are also from Scotland, so we are hoping to make a trip to the UK soon!

Would you complete a road trip by bike, Jeep or campervan?

Jeep! I could cover more ground, and bring a tent for camping. I love camping outdoors. I won’t pass up ghost stories and s’mores.

When was the last time you jumped over something? Literally?

Probably my husband’s shoes. He leaves them everywhere. I’m surprised I haven’t broken an ankle.

Do you prefer the mountains, or the water? What draws you there?

I love relaxing on the beach, but exploring the mountains. I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, so I’m constantly around the beach. Going to the mountains really feels like a vacation.

Does your community have any great summer festivals?

We just had Kaboo at the Del Mar Fair, but I’ve actually have never been to any festivals. I would love to go to Stagecoach though.

What is the most innovative product your prAna has?

Personally for me, it’s the Kara Jean. You can do anything in those jeans!

What makes you smile?

My husband and cupcakes.

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