At Home with Melissa Richter

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
I usually think about the dreams I was having and then start to put a list together of what I need to accomplish for that day.

Where is home?
Culver City, CA

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.

Where is the best place to get that mornin cup?
Geo’s Organic coffee is my favorite place nearby. It’s not a chain, is within walking distance, the staff is really sweet and the food is great, too.

When was that last time you had on OR/PrAna/Evolv?
Yesterday, 90% of my wardrobe is prAna, so I wear it almost every day.

What were you doing?
Yesterday I went on a hike in a prAna skirt and long sleeve top. Some guys at the summit jokingly harassed me for wearing a skirt, but I was completely comfortable in it. Skirts are lovely and versatile.

When you walk into a room what theme song is playing in your head?
Run, by Vampire Weekend.

Do you prefer the mountains, or the water?
I love the mountains, but the water is where I feel alive. If the two exist together that’s my favorite.

Best eats in your town?
Culver city has incredible food. Public School is a fantastic little gastro pub with a great beer selection, and amazing Bacon Cheddar Tots.

Last time you surprised yourself?
My last big surprise was when I decided to move to Los Angeles. I never would have dreamed of living in this big city, but every day I find more and more that I appreciate about this city.

When you have a friend in town where is the first place you send them?
The beach is usually the first place my friends want to visit, so we’ll join my friend Loren for a ride in his sailboat and perhaps a little walk on the beach after as the sun is setting.

When you are at home where do you spend most of your time?
I spend a lot of time at the beach. Many of my friends are surfers and I am currently testing the waters with that sport and finding it quite enjoyable.

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