At Home with Lacey Jones

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
How cuddly and warm my dog is.

Where is home?
Wherever my rump rests…usally in Las Vegas.

Coffee or Tea?
Iced coffee

Where is the best place to get that mornin cup?

When was that last time you had on OR/PrAna/Evolv?
Yesterday, all three.

What were you doing?
Gardening and building a planter box. Had on my OR Blush sun hat, my Evolv Cruzers, and my prAna Kara Jeans.

When you walk into a room what theme song is playing in your head?
Lately its been Do Your Ears Hang Low. Mostly because the neighborhood ice cream truck circles constantly and only plays that tune.

Do you prefer the mountains, or the water?
Mountains….with lakes.

Best eats in your town?
For breakfast: NY Bagel Café and Baby Stacks. Lunch: Rachels Kitchen, Lyfe Kitchen, KoMex. Dinner: Archie’s, Pinkaow, Bachi Burger, Grimaldi’s, the list is endless!

Last time you surprised yourself?
A few weeks ago, got stuck in the desert with two flats and busted rims. All alone, in the dark, 50 miles from anywhere. Managed to change one and jimmy rig the second enough to limp the 90 miles home.

When you have a friend in town where is the first place you send them?
Red Rock, Pine Creek Canyon, Cookie Monster. No better way to start the day than on a juggy 5.7 diahedral of shady awesomeness. Spontaneous giggles will ensue.

When you are at home where do you spend most of your time?
Most of my working time is in my “office,” see corner of living room. Most of my play time lately is in the garden, or somewhere in Red Rock. Sometimes Mt. Charleston if the weather is right.

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