A big company shift occurred in 1995 when Angeline invented the Adventure Hat. It was sun protective, lightweight, technical, and proved to be the most innovative sun blocking headwear on the market and Sunday Afternoons’ best seller. The Adventure Hat was subsequently patented and is still Sunday Afternoons’ most recognizable product. Following the success, sun protection became the main theme of the company.

Sunday Afternoons is now a thriving company, designing and manufacturing high quality sun protective hats and clothing for customers worldwide. Sunday Afternoons’ growing line includes new, dermatologist approved sun protective hats and clothing, and other active lifestyle gear. It is their desire to help their customers follow their lead by enjoying the sunshine wisely, and playing it safe with full coverage hats, protective clothing and sunscreens. They have discovered that those customers that have made a life long habit of sun protection have healthy skin and a wrinkle-free youthfulness that belies their age. As Sunday Afternoons continues to evolve, their families of workers stay connected to their small-town roots, and commitment to friendly, one on-one customer service.

Sunday Afternoons produces 30% of their inventory within an hour long drive from the headquarters in Talent, Oregon. They employ in an area that once was a timber rich economy for the local worker. Keeping some production in the USA is important to the company, and they strive to keep this part of their business alive and flourishing. Not only does this keep some of their long time employees working, but it also provides USA made goods for customers who would still wish to buy made in USA products.