Outdoor Research

Designed By Adventure.

At Outdoor Research®, we built a company from a feeling: the urge to get out. It’s what drives us. We love coming to work every day and inventing ever better solutions to what nature throws our way. But we’re more than just the gear we build. We’re part of a community of friends whose lives are connected by our common need to be outside.

Our tribe is devoted to exploring our outdoor passions and challenging ourselves in the mountains, water and deserts of the planet we love so much. In 1981, a brilliant scientist and adventurer named Ron Gregg watched his frostbitten partner get airlifted off a glacier on Denali. He’d spent months planning a new route in the purest style, skiing 100 miles from the road to the base of the climb. Barely halfway to the summit, their trip ended with the failure of a simple pair of gaiters. Stubborn to the end, Ron refused a seat on the helicopter and descended alone for two weeks, pondering what had happened. Somewhere along the way he realized he could both fix the gear problem and devote his life to pursuing his passion for adventure. By the end, he knew one thing for sure: He wasn’t going back to his old job.

Ron Gregg built Outdoor Research on the idea that life is an adventure, and the best gear makes it more fun. Though he died tragically in an avalanche more than a decade ago, his legacy remains at our core. In our world, it’s not about chasing heroes; It’s about being on the journey. It’s not how often we get out as much as how often we want to be out that makes us who we are. Our goal is to do all we can to expand the tribe of people who share our belief that progress is spiritual and life is unimaginable without the quest.

And we want you in it, because we’re pretty sure that the bigger our tribe gets, the better off the world will be.

Outdoor Research. Designed By Adventure.

The Outdoor Research Community

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