Staff Pick – The Luchador

Staff Pick – The Luchador

I’m all about comfort when it comes to climbing shoes.  So, when I was looking for an aggressive shoe all I could imagine is cramped toes and the relief I would feel pulling my shoes off after each route.  This didn’t sound fun to me.  

At the suggestions of my co-worker, Matt, I opted for the Evolv Luchador.  luchadorIt had everything I was looking for, a narrow and asymmetrical toe box for edging, a stiff sole for support, and they lace-up.  Looking at them I was skeptical that they would be comfortable.

The day the box arrived I striped my shoes off and immediately pulled the Luchadors onto my feet.  I laced them up and stood on my feet.  They were so comfortable!  The new non-shifting tongue system in the shoe makes a big difference on the comfort level.  It’s like a hug for your feet.

Put to the climbing test these shoes do not disappoint!  I can put my toe on the smallest of edges and feel confident that my toe will stay put.  Although the shoes doesn’t have a tight fit, it doesn’t move around on your foot, providing control with every move.

These are my new go-to shoes to wrestle any wall in front of me!



11209692_643416771694_763304757685113061_nJessica Ary

Operations Assistant

Caraway & Co

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