On the Road with Melissa Richter

On the Road with Melissa Richter

Q: What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?
A: Can I make it to the chiropractor and back home before my 9 AM pickup for the airport? Also, COFFEE!! AND don’t forget my phone charger.

Q: What town are you in?
A: Minneapolis, MN on my way to CA.

Q: Best place to set up the mobile office?
A: I’m incredibly productive at the airport. I think having a cutoff time helps me have laser focus and be extra efficient.

Q: What was the last style of one of our brands you wore?
A: I’m currently wearing the PrAna Momento leggings and the UGG Clara sweatshirt. When flying I choose to be comfortable first and foremost, you never know when you’ll want to break out into a yoga pose when traveling. Yesterday I wore an OR jacket to stay warm at a bonfire.

Q: What did you do in it?
A: Got adjusted at the chiropractor and rode to the airport. But, I see a workout in my future before meetings start.

Q: What were you listening to when you drove into town?
A: A work playlist on Spotify that includes some of my favorites like Milky Chance, Glass Animals, Jack White, Lake Street Drive, and Johnny Flynn

Q: What is the funniest thing you saw/experienced?
A: This weekend at my nephew’s Lacrosse game I saw a giant German Shepard playing with a tiny Cocker Spaniel puppy, the giant dog was so gentle and playful with the puppy. Everyone who walked by couldn’t help but stop and admire the adorable sight.

Q: Where did you get out to play?
A: This weekend I got to hike around Lebanon Hills East of Minneapolis. It was gorgeous outside, people are so happy in the Midwest right now since the weather is perfect. Flowers are coming out, everyone is outside recreating and moods are high.

Q: What store are you visiting today?
A: I visited a store in the MSP airport, how convenient is that?

Q: What event are you doing in town?
A: A sales meeting this week.

Q: Best place to grab a quick bite?
A: In Minneapolis, my boyfriend and I have been eating at Eat Street Social, they have the best broccolini in town! We don’t stop at one plate of this stuff, we’ve been known to have a cocktail and 4 plates of browned butter broccolini, we don’t mess around. We also really like going for a barbecue at Keg and Case in St. Paul.

Q: What lodging or camping options did you have last night?
A: I was in my own bed, which was heavenly because the previous 12 days I was in 3 different hotels and a friend’s guest bed. I always like seeing new places, but home is always where the heart is.

Q: Best advice from the locals?
A: Jog around Lake of the Isles to see some of the most gorgeous homes in MN go sailing on Lake Minnetonka, head to the Como Zoo on the weekend for free zoo visit with your family.

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