On the Road with Melissa at ISPO Munich

On the Road with Melissa at ISPO Munich

This wasn’t my first rodeo in Germany. Many of my friends would even call me a bit of a German fanatic. I love almost everything about the country. I love the language, beautiful castles nestled into forests & fields, cobblestone streets, the well constructed windows and houses that will last for many generations, beer, chocolate, savory breakfasts and pastries filled with sugarless whipped cream. So, naturally when I first found out that PrAna attended the ISPO outdoor show in Munich, Germany I knew I had to be a part of it. I proved my cunning linguistic skills a few years back while conversing with Wolfy, our German sales rep. After that the international team deemed me ‘acceptable’ and invited me to come along to the show.

You’ve probably been to Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City and know how massive that show is.  Heaps larger than a regional show, packed with beautiful booths funded by the company’s headquarters intended to put their best foot forward. It’s a week filled with established and new retailers who love and promote the outdoor industry, and the companies whose products inspire, educate, and enable us to be outside in a spectacle that leaves all of our heads spinning.

ISPO Munich is similar, but it’s the world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition with everything from outdoor and action sports, to sourcing, ski, text trends and performance. Along with a different landscape of brands, the overall feel of the trade show is very hands on. The 16 halls included many insights into manufacturing, and interactive ways to test out the product, such as bike and skateboard ramps. This year PrAna took a big leap forward showcasing a much larger booth next to Columbia, Mountain Hardwear and Sorel in Hall A1 at the front of the show. Our team present was also bigger than ever before including our international team with newly added distributors and agencies and our internal team with executives from each of the marketing, sales and design departments. There was no shortage of meetings, interviews and curious faces walking by the booth.

My main goal while attending ISPO is to be of service wherever needed, mostly with translating and building/tearing down the booth. Other goals include arm wrestling with Chris Sharma, sneaking into castles that are closed for the winter, drinking a lot of wonderful cappuccino and a few magically tasty beers. I’m happy to report that all goals were fulfilled! It was another great ISPO, I am looking forward to speaking Germany again at the next show!


Melissa Richter

Sales Rep

Prana & Saxx

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