On the Road with Jenny Moore

On the Road with Jenny Moore

Q: What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?
A: Need to stretch

Q: What town are you in?
A: Palm Springs

Q: Best place to set up the mobile office?
A: Closest coffee shop to my hotel

Q: What was the last style of one of our brands you wore?
A: PrAna Becksa Leggings and Cozy Up Tee

Q: What did you do in it?
A: Worked and drove

Q: What were you listening to when you drove into town?
A: Ultimate health Podcast

Q: What is the funniest thing you saw/experienced?
A: I found a vintage estate sale….enough said

Q: Where did you get out to play?
A: I had a mid-day yoga session in the sand dunes

Q: What event are you doing in town?
A: PrAna Sales Meeting

Q: Best place to grab a quick bite?
A: Gelson’s Market

Q: What lodging or camping options did you have last night?
A: A unique hotel called Infusion

Q: Best advice from the locals?
A: Go window shopping and leave your wallet in the car

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