Getting to know Melissa: Adventure time!

Getting to know Melissa: Adventure time!

Q. What’s your favorite adventure trip or something adventurous you’ve done?

My junior year of college was spent studying abroad in Germany. I know, objectively it is not a beautiful language, but for some reason, to me, it’s soothing and lovely. In order to keep up with the language, I fly back over to Europe every year, or so and stay with close friends. My friend Charly is all about adventure, he’s that guy that you just can’t have a bad day with whenever you’re in his presence. He’s a climber, but I think he would prefer to be called a Mountaineer.

On one of my visits to see him and his wife we went on a drive to a beautiful part of the country in the Southwest. The objective of our trip was to get outside and visit a castle, duh we’re in Germany. It was a brisk winter day with fallen leaves on the ground and the road to the castle followed a windy river, throughout large forests, and some valleys. After hiking for a couple of miles up some trail we had a perfect lookout of the castle. This wasn’t your traditional Disneyland castle like Neuschwanstein is, it was a little smaller, more robust and stout, but still very medieval looking. We walked up to the entrance of the castle to find out it was CLOSED!! Oh man, what a disappointment, we came so far to see this place. I was ready to turn around and head back to the car when I saw Charly and his Mischievous side kick in. “Let’s just go down here and see what we can find”, so we climbed down a hill and began walking the circumference of the fortress. At one point, the wall was only 10 feet or so tall, Charly began climbing the CASTLE WALL, when in Rome, right!? A few minutes later we found ourselves inside of a castle alone, no tourists, no workers, but wait, then we heard something. We were in fact not alone. There was a construction crew inside the castle with us doing some much-needed maintenance (I guess these places need a little love since they’re so old, makes sense to me). We spent the next 30 minute, or so wandering around inside of the walls that we had just scaled making sure to avoid anyone who might try and kick us out. We ended the adventure by down climbing some scaffolding on the back of the building and crossing an almost frozen river barefoot.

The End…

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