Getting to Know Christine Hawk AKA Chawky!

What is your name and what is your title? Christine Hawk but everyone calls me Chawky! I am the Senior Wholesale Marketing Coordinator at prAna.

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? Where my cat is and what he got into that night!

Coffee, tea, or energy drink? Prefer tea but normally go for coffee out of convenience. Fun Fact, I actually do not need either to wake up since I naturally have a ton of energy :- )

What is the last thing you think about when you go to sleep? I make myself think of 5 positive things that happened that day

What song are you listening to on repeat right now? Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack  Remix)

Where can we find the best cup of coffee in your town? Ironsmith Coffee Roasters – best cold brew I’ve ever tasted!

What is your favorite playtime activity?  Do you have a secret spot you’ll share with us? I really enjoy camping & hiking, if I ever have a free moment then that is my go to activity. Right now I have been favoring Laguna Mountain since I just got a new CX bike and they have some pretty cool trails to ride up there as well as hiking trails! Also it is really close to home which is nice for a quick day trip.

When is the last time you surprised yourself? When I got the job at prAna, I have been here 6 months now but told myself over a year ago that when I was done with my last job I would work here before living off the grid… that happened a lot sooner than I thought and now I am here! Couldn’t be happier to be on track with my career goals!

What are the three website you visit every day? Pinterest ; Cody (fitness training classes) ; Sound cloud

What is your favorite prAna product?  Why? My favorite product right now is the Sutra Shirt. It is made of hemp and I wear it with everything! It works great as a layering piece on colder days as well as a normal shirt!

If you did not work in the outdoor industry, where would you be? I have always envisioned myself being a park ranger or working for the national park systems. Eventually living off the grid and completely sustainable and self-sufficient!

Is there a trip that you’ve been planning or dreaming of going on? We are planning on going to burning man this year! Its been 5 years since I have been able to go and 2016 is the year we are going back home!

Would you travel around the world by Jeep, bike, or campervan? Campervan all the way! #vanlife

A helicopter is coming to take you anywhere in the world, where are you going? India!

When was the last time you jumped over something? Literally? Not in a long time, spine and knee pains prevent me from high impact… now finding fun ways to go around that something is a different story!

Do you prefer the mountains or water?  What draws you there? Mountains! Whenever I am deep in the forest I find my deepest meditation and peace within myself.

Does your community have any great summer festivals? Lightning in a Bottle is our main summer festival that happens in Bradley Ca in the San Antonio Recreation Area. …..ok so it’s a bit of a drive from San Diego but  is a great transitional festival and has a yoga line up as well as speaker series and is a full music festival as well. We go every year and always welcome people to come with us!

What makes you smile? Everything, smiling is my favorite and my way of showing/giving my energy to others. It is rare to see me not smiling even if I am alone :- )

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