Beth Rodden Visits A16

Beth Rodden Visits A16

Beth Rodden recently gave a presentation at Adventure 16. Most people would agree, Beth’s talk was more inspiring than your average high adrenaline climbing presentation and slideshow. She managed to capture her love for climbing in a way that was relate-able and honest. She discussed the balance between pushing your limitsfinding ways to live your life outside of climbing, and finding your way back to the beginning. Beth had to find her way back to the thrill of discovering climbing for the first time. To remember what’s important and to find the passion for it within herself. Her honesty and strength had everyone completely enthralled. 

After delving into the traumatic experience of being taken captive by rebel forces while climbing in Kyrgyzstan, Beth opened up about her immense struggle to get back on the rock again. Every time she even thought about climbing, she would be flooded with anxiety. But during this time, she decided to start from the beginning. And slowly she made her way back to the world of climbing. Even though climbing is still a big part of Beth’s life, she has also made room for a little more life outside of climbing. That little thing being her adorable son, Theo.  How lucky is this kid to have such an awesome mom? Someone to show him how to love this beautiful earth we live on, one hold at a time.







Traci Cosmer

Tech Rep


Photos Courtesy of Shani Lee

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