Kjersti Chriastensen – Dealer Service Specialist at OR

Kjersti Chriastensen – Dealer Service Specialist at OR

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Is it raining?

What is the last thing you think of when you go to sleep?
My hubby!

Coffee, Tea, or energy drink?
Coffee on Mondays.
Tea most every day.
I’m not a huge fan of energy drinks, but when I partake, it’s Red Bull, and it’s for EMERGENCY situations. 🙂

Where is the best place in town to get your morning beverage?
Mercury on the way to work. Ask for an Americano with a little coconut and a little lavender.
Macrinas down the street ­ great cold brew.

Place to have the best meal in your town?
Marination in West Seattle (AMAZING Hawaiian/Korean) or The Commons in Woodinville (closer to home).

What is the best thing or experience being outdoors has given you?

Life. Anything and everything I love to do is in the outdoors. It’s brought me leadership, confidence, community, my husband, passion for adventure, and a love for environmental stewardship. It is my sanctuary.

When you enter a crowded room, a theme song begins to play: What Song?
Rocky theme.

What is your favorite playtime activity? Where is your secret spot in your town, will you share with us?

One of the most wonderful things about the PNW is the climate and terrain diversity. You could get yourself into some world class sailing, climbing, skiing, and mountain biking all in one day! Thus, I don’t think I could actually pick one…

Climbing (sport) ­ Exit 32, good rock and only about 30 min down i90 which means after work send sessions are totally possible! And some of the walls stay pretty dry in “damp” conditions.

(Trad) Grab your Leiterhosen and get to Leavenworth!

Skiing ­ Resort: I volunteer patrol and coach freeride with NW Freeride up at Alpental, Snoqualmie so I’m pretty partial to “Alpi”. Crystal is my home mountain though so my heart is divided. Both have very exceptional and accessible backcountry.

Backcountry: I love Rainier, even though you may find half of Seattle up on skin track to Camp Muir, the view and grandeur never gets old. You can find some great untouched skiing a little off the beaten path as well. 😉

MTB: Get local at Tokul (see what I did there?) or head over to Leavenworth where the community has worked HARD to legalize some incredible trails.

What is the best experience working at Store/Brand has given you?

Opportunities to meet and get out with a variety people who also love the outdoors in a variety of ways and build my outdoor community. Coworkers, managers, your CEO, athletes ­ so fun to work in a place where most everyone loves adventuring in the outdoors.

Access to the best gear on the planet makes you next adventure that much more obtainable.

Last time you surprised yourself?
Did an XC adventure loop this weekend. I’m a downhilller not an XC­er ­ I didn’t know my legs could do so  much pedaling… 😉

Three websites you visit everyday?

Google Chrome auto­opens up a few of my fave sites every morning:

My friend Amar’s ski mountaineering website to take a look at all the weather cams on Rainier:

The UW weather report for Rainier:


paycom.com ­ Employee clock­in. Get money get paid.

What is your favorite PrAna/OR/Evolv product and why?
My Valhalla jacket and pants ­ excellent ski touring setup!!

If you did not work in the outdoor industry , where would you be?
Alpine ecology or adventure tourism.

What is your favorite event at your store/brand that gives back to your community?

Where is your favorite place to take guests who are visiting from out of town?

What makes your store/brand stand out from the crowd?
The innovation/ product technology, pursuit of human­powered adventure, and the Infinite Guarantee!!

Why are you a good asset to your team?
I guess I’m a bit of team­player. I love learning­ from, helping, and encouraging my friends here in DS and also finding ways to assist the company in other ways as well.

I’m a heavy user of our gear in all my adventure pursuits which brings the opportunity to offer constructive feedback.

Inspiring others to get outside is at the heart of the company ­ we’re working hard to help encourage and inspire more women to get outside. I feel honored to participate with this project and find ways to better gear­up, inspire, and encourage, the female adventurer!

Is there a trip, or adventure that you have been planning, or dreaming to go on?
Yes!! I’ve got a few… here are my tops:
1. Climbing Rainier with my mom
2. Sail to ski in Lofoten Islands, Norway
3. Mountain bike­pack across Switzerland and Austria
4. Ski JAPOW
5. Trek, climb, bike, and practice yoga in Nepal
6. Horse­pack and alpine climb in Patagonia

Uffda… I better get started!

Would you complete a road trip by bike, Jeep or campervan?
Mmmm… probably a combination of the bike and 4­wheel drive campervan.

When was the last time you jumped over something?
Mountain bike riding always involves some hopping and jumping… This last weekend on that “adventure XC bike ride” I had a few jumping incidents… one put me off the side of a ladder bridge into a shrubbery with one foot still clipped into the bike. Haha! I’m sure it was pretty funny to see.

Do you prefer the mountains, or the water?

Does your community have any great summer festivals?
Yes! Washington has plenty of wonderful fests. You should come check out the climbing and bike fests of Leavenworth, Wa!

What is the most innovative product your store/brand has?
Just got my hands on the Deviator Hoody. That fabric technology is off the hook! Can’t wait to use it trail riding and ski touring!

What makes you smile?
My husband, my family and friends, being outside, my hilarious coworkers, the sun, and strawberries.

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